Knowing which plants will thrive in your garden beds and add to the style of your home or outdoor entertaining space is more difficult than it sounds. Lefroy Design’s exponential knowledge regarding plant species, their growth habitats, and other important horticultural information is invaluable with renovating or first planning your garden. Whether you’re after a rare, exotic plant or advanced tree to be the feature of your outdoor area, or are seeking advice for which plants would compliment your existing design, we are the ones to help.

Our planting consultation service takes into account your style and lifestyle as well as your environment and soil quality. For small gardens and courtyards I can assess and advise you on the right plant choices on the spot. We can also provide advice on how to improve your soil quality and prepare the nominated areas for planting and inform you of how they will grow and any ongoing recommended maintenance. This consultation does not include a drawn plan, however each chosen plant in each area will be listed by botanical and common name and provided to you following the consultation. If your garden beds have been marked out and you just want to know what to plant, contact us today!

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