The first consultation is where your landscape journey begins. A 60-90 minute meeting will take place on site (unless building hasn’t yet commenced) during which time we will start to brainstorm ideas so I can get a true sense of your landscape vision. We will discuss both your ideas and mine for the space as well as what you do and don’t like and how you envision enjoying your outdoor area.

A truly bespoke landscape that is individual to you and your lifestyle is only possible with a professional who listens to and understands your vision. With my experience and expertise I can not only deliver your vision but build upon it with new and innovative landscape ideas, completely tailored to how you intent to use your outdoor space. It is this clarification and sense of direction that sets a professionally designed landscape from a simple back garden. This is the first stage of your final design, however even if you don’t proceed to our full design service, clients tell me that this meeting is invaluable in terms of inspiration and direction.

At the completion of our meeting a detailed design brief and a list of recommended plant species will be emailed to you. This way you can keep track of what we have discussed and build upon it if you desire. At Lefroy Design we believe in creating beautiful, functional spaces and the consultation is just the beginning of that process, so contact us today to start your dream landscape tomorrow.

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